Friday, 5 November 2010

Debut Dagger

rain, cool, temps 2

Oh oh. Getting colder. Didn't see that coming.

More wonderful news (I know - it feels to me like I'm making it up too.) But heard that Ralph Cosham's audio version of Bury Your Dead had been named to the Amazon Top 10 Audio books of 2010. At number 2! Just behind the Keith Richard's book read by Johnny Depp. Not too shabby!

Congratulations, Ralph!!

Had an email from the Crime Writers Association in Britain with the great news (no, not about me - oddly) to say that this year's Debut Dagger competition has just opened. which means, those of you with unpublished crime novels really need to scoot over to the CWA website and find out more. The Debut Dagger is the competition that gave me my start (I didn't win, but being shortlisted was enough). It's open for manuscripts from around the world. Good luck!

Had fun yesterday at the Contactivity Centre in Montreal. Did a taped interview with the fabulous Shelagh Rogers for her CBC national radio show. Tomorrow I have a 1pm event at the Arnprior Book Store near Ottawa with Andrew Pyper. Then off to London tomorrow night. Don't think I'll be able to blog for a day or so...not sure what the internet access is in our flat in London. But our tradition is to get arrive in London, about 7:30 am. Get to the rented apartment about 9am - buy some groceries at Marks and Spencer (the real reason we ever go to London), then nap. Then wake up mid afternoon and go to Afternoon Tea at Harrods. Then back to bed.

Great life. Pretty much eating and sleeping.

You're welcome to join us in the Big Smoke.


Shelagh, from Michigan said...

Congratulations to you, and to Ralph on the Amazon Audio Top 10.

Absolutely love your description of your day's activities upon your arrival in London! I lived in England for the first 14 years of my life and did not appreciate Marks and Sparks, and Harrods then! Enjoy your time there, especially afternoon Tea!
Hugs, Shelagh

Diane said...

Have a wonderful trip and I do hope you manage to get some well deserved rest!

suzy said...

Safe journey!

vtslajer said...

All that is left to say now is:

Bon voyage! / Safe travels!

lil Gluckstern said...

Big smoke, here we come! good for you and Ralph on Amazon. Safe journey, and enjoy.

Beth said...

I received my Top 10 newsletter, and went immediately to the Mystery section online, just for the thrill of seeing "Bury Your Dead" there. Top Ten, indeed. It's a beautiful novel and your place in the Top 10 is well-deserved.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Thanks for the Amazon celebrations! And here we are in London - hope you have fun!