Tuesday, 6 July 2010


mainly sunny, sizzling hot, temps 33




slip, slide.





mgk said...

same here. 33C. pool....aaahhhh

Shelagh from Michigan said...

And those comments are from Trudy!! Love it.

Jodi Kaplan said...

33C? Ha!

It's 39C here. That's 102F.



Guzzle water.


(Also, the captcha isn't showing up properly. I have to type my comment, enter my name, and then wait until it complains that the characters I entered were wrong). After that, it shows up.


bgpringle said...

Louise, we've been doing the same here in Hatley and plan a final swim just before bed.

Aimee said...

Okay, people with pools do not get to complain about how hot it is ... not yours ... can't have. You get no sympathy from me, do you understand?

It is also 39C here and it is now 7:15pm and I have no pool! I also have a 72 pound, 6.5 month old puppy who wants to sit in my lap.

Nikki B said...

It was up to 105* here.....working not so bad when it's all A/C .... now heading to the movie theater (also A/C) to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! Just finished the book :) Stay cool...

PolioQuad said...

Temperature at home plummeted to 101°F... glad I wasn't there. My son said he was boiling eggs in our pool.

Louise, if you're still taking opts on villagers, I should be Ruth by the time I am old enough-- if I could be subdivided by Agent Nicole and Henri?

Jodi Kaplan said...

The NY Times posted a link yesterday to photos people submitted in February (when the blizzard struck).'
Think cool!


Jeff B said...

Well, at least 37° Celcius, or even 97° Fahrenheit sounds better than 310° Kelvin - no matter how you 'name' it, it's too hot for me!

Marjorie said...


Thanks for that link. I love #44. I have also linked it on my Facebook page to share some mental coolness with others and I credited you.

--Marjorie from CT

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

love your comments...and absolutely right, people with pools are down the complaining scale. But, fortunately, not right off it!

Did I mention how hot it is?

Jodi Kaplan said...

Marjorie, you're welcome and thank you.

I'm partial to #3 (the Brooklyn Bridge) and #20 (the giant snow bunny), myself.