Friday, 30 July 2010

Running away to the circus

cloudy periods, cool, temps 15

Michael and I just laid and lit a fire in the hearth. It's that cool. But very cosy there. I'm reading Michael's manuscript and he's reading mine. Wow - his just blows me away. This amazing opening. I'm very excited for him.

The big tent for tomorrow's afternoon tea arrived this afternoon - after getting lost and going all over the countryside. Cynthia and John, two of the organizers of the tea, came and we ended up having tomato sandwiches on the screen porch, chatting, and answering the phone with instructions...quite difficult when trees and rocks are pretty much the landmarks, everywhere. Turn right at the big tree doesn't seem all that helpful - nor was it.

But the big top arrived and we put it out by the pond. It really does look like a small circus tent. The second tent was supposed to come tonight but we decided tomorrow morning was soon enough.

The port-a-potty is supposed to arrive today. And then at 11 tomorrow morning the food, drink, auction people start arriving. The last of the volunteers show up about 2:30 - and the tea starts at 3. The trick is to 'drive' everyone toward the silent auction tent. About half the money raised comes from the silent auction.

Linda, the head of the SPCA Monteregie is bringing a couple of rescue dogs, to remind us why we're there.

fortunately the forecast is magnificent! Will let you know how it goes...


Candy said...

Louise, this is wonderful. I hope you post some pictures and I hope you raise lots of money for the animals!

Lee Ann said...

this sounds like a lot of fun for a good cause!

Barb said...

Good luck, it is such a deserving cause. Our animal shelter had a story in today's paper about how full they are this year, much more than last season, and that it's been harder to find homes for the animals. I wonder if the economy factors into that. I did learn that among the volunteer positions they have, there are some called "temperament testers". New to me. I think that would be interesting.