Friday, 2 July 2010

Not reaping, not sowing...just vegging

sunny, mild, temps 20

ahhh - finally a sunny day! Not exactly summer temps, but lovely sitting here on the screen porch looking out over the swimming pool and gardens and across to the field and pond - the forest and the mountain beyond. How beautiful it is. And the gardens are in full and fragrant bloom. All the better, I think, for the cooler weather and rain. And now with the sun everything is popping.

Had a great birthday...blessedly quiet. Our friend susan was supposed to come but as her gift to us, she realized we were stressed and needed just a few days alone. So we agreed on a raincheck. How wonderful to have a friend so close and so dear that she knows what we need before we even say anything.

Went to Cowansville for breakfast, did some work here at home, getting caught up still on details that weren't done while concentrating on the second draft. And now have spent the past two hours on the porch with Trudy, enjoying the quiet and the view...and googling apartments in London and Paris. My guilty pleasure. We need to get to the UK this fall and thought we'd go early September, until the Quebec publisher very kindly, but firmly, explained that with the first book coming out at exactly that time she'd have to come to London and eviscerate me (well, that was implied). So we're staying. To promote En plein coeur...which as you know, I'm thrilled about. The French version of Chatelaine, an influential Canadian magazine aimed at women, is giving it a great review - so that's a relief. You never know (at least I don't) how a book like this might be received here. Since I'm an anglo writing about English, but also French characters...and settings. Just never know if the Francophones will not be interested, or amused - or accepting. But, so far so good. Will let you know.

But this means our trip to London to do book stuff and meet publishers etc is pushed to November...early to mid. Looks like we'll arrived back home in time for the Montreal Book Fair one day then off to the Miami Book Fair the next.

As you know, I set the fall aside for touring - so the next book has to be finished before the traveling begins. On paper it looks like the deadline is far away, but in reality it is almost here.

Off to NYC for a few days next week - and when we return I'll plunge back in to the next edit. Each gets easier. At least, that's the theory.

Someone on Facebook suggested sending books to the actors you're suggesting (my books, not someone else's). I think that's a great idea...if you can figure out how to do that. Very difficult, understandably, even discovering who is the agent for anyone.

I'd love to get a few books to Ciaran Hinds - if anyone can figure out how. I imagine my agent could - but she has other things to do. So I'm appealing to you and the detective in you...if you can find him, or his agent - please let me know. I'll give it a whirl too. These things are very fun...the hunt!

Having breakfast tomorrow with Joan and Cheryl, Michael and Gary (makes them sound like couples - but Michael is mine and Gary is Cheryl's - and Joan is Gary's mother...oh, never mind...) Gary's birthday is Monday - born the same year - so we celebrate together.

Forecast for the weekend - get this - is for sunny and hot!!! Right through to Tuesday. Yippeee!!!! Summer. And trying to clear the decks.

What a lovely day today...the dream day. Just indulging...doing nothing. Vegging. I am a turnip. And proud of it.

Happy vegging to you too, my fellows in the garden.


whalewatcher said...

Glad you are having just the kind of day you wanted.
I too think vegging is a worthwhile past time. I am a
beet. ; )
I applaud your values for holding on for the right time, place, people etc. to produce your books for either tv or film! And I wish you the best of luck w/it!
Off to the bookstore...wish it was Sept. then I know what book I'd come away with.

John said...

I just wanted to thank you for being generous enough to share your life, as well as your writing, with all of us! Look forward to seeing you at Bouchercon!


Marjorie said...


I have found some possible contact info for Ciaran Hinds and I have forwarded it to Louise. But if any of you can also find anything, please still pass it on.

Of course, in real life, the whole casting thing is based on so many variables, it can make your head spin. For instance, it would be common for the director, scriptwriter and lead actors to all be hired through the same agency. The agents like that because it is most lucrative for them. And scheduling for any project can be a nightmare. Schedules for good actors can fill up years in advance. And agents won't let their talent do projects that aren't at a certain level. And they won't usually let them ever take a cut in their asking price for a job. It's all very convoluted. It's amazing that anything great ever gets produced!

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Reen said...

I know you never know, as you say, but I learned about your books from my Québécois geneaolgy/family history list. Many on the list are Francophones, and I only heard very positive comments from all. It's very exciting to know there will be the French version, and I bet all the Francophones on the list will be reading it.

Cece said...

(with apologies to Louise for usurping the comments section for inter-commentor communications....)
did you find United Talent in the States and Dalzell & Beresford, Ltd. in London?

Marjorie said...


Yes, both of them! Thanks for checking, too. With any luck, Louise's publishing people will be able to put a copy of "Still Life" into his hands sooner or later and get him to fall in love with it. It doesn't guarantee anything, of course, but it certainly couldn't hurt to get someone in "show biz" interested. Strangers things have happened.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Thanks for your help! It is now in process thanks to a few of you who wrote with the addresses. Excellent!

Anonymous said...

I too love many of the actors suggested, but wonder if it might not be better to choose someone not as well known in the US and Canada. Louise has created such a special world in her books, I would hate to see it tarnished in any way. Has anyone seen "The Lives of Others"? Sebastian Koch might be interesting as Gamache. He is German, but speaks French fluently and has filmed roles in English in Canada. He's not quite fifty, but then he could age with the role for a series of movies.

Anonymous said...

And have you seen "Seraphine"? Yolande Moreau for Ruth!