Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Mike Finnerty

started sunny, then clouded over and rumblings of thunder in the distance. warm. temps 26

Another lovely summer day. Michael and I sat on the porch and wrote. Michael's still at it...I've decided my cadence is to write/edit from 9am to 3pm - without break except to walk Trudy and make lunch. Then stop...and spend two hours doing the 'business' - returning emails, doing mail, organizing things. And try to be finished for the day around 5pm.

I've found I have to keep up a certain pace or I get swamped - and then its no fun.

Have a pre-interview Friday. A researcher from a prominent Quebec television show on literature will call, to see if my French is good enough to do a live interview in August. It's a terrific opportunity to promote the French version of Still Life - En plein coeur. But honestly, I'm not sure my French really is good enough. It's ok for social situations, and even meetings etc...but this demands expressing complex and nuanced thoughts. I realize my French probably makes me sound like a 14 or 15 year old. That's about the level of my complexity and subtlety. It's have deep thoughts and feelings, and not to be able to properly express them. Gives me a little insight into how stroke victims might feel - having all these thoughts and unable to express them except in the most blunt way.

But - we'll see. Perhaps a miracle will occur. Zoot alors. (see what I mean?)

We heard the fabulous news yesterday that our friend Mike Finnerty has been confirmed as the new host of the Montreal CBC Radio morning show, Daybreak!!! He resigned a couple of years ago to head back to London to work at the Guardian. But he missed live radio and Montreal. So now he's coming back!!

He's a magnificent journalist and wonderful host and we are beyond happy - as friends, and CBC Radio listeners. Yay!

OK, off now to reply to some emails and get some books ready to mail.


Reen said...

Yes. Pacing. Keeps me going.

Thanks for the Reine-Marie tip. Looks like the sky is thundering up for a good light show.

Bev Stephans said...

Can't you practice your French with someone who has a good command of the language. I think if you practiced every day, you wouldn't have any problem with the live interview. The subtleties and nuances of a language are the hardest to grasp, but I'm sure you can conquer this and dazzle them with your brilliance. Good luck!

Candy said...

Zoot alors is the extent of my husband's French - two French words more than I know:)

Have fun with it. Don't worry. I'm sure you will have a fabulous interview.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all -

Thanks for the votes of support. and bev, you're absolutely right - the problem is time and energy. I have very little of both.

Lets hope I can steer the interview toward food.