Thursday, 20 May 2010

lilac and fresh laundry

sunny, warm, temps 25

unexpectedly lovely day. They were calling for rain, so this is a gift. Wayne is cutting the lawn. Lise and Donna came this morning and weeded - and planted vegetables. three types of peas, scarlet runner beans - and next week the broccoli will go in. Wanted Potatoes but they'd attract potato beetles, that will eat the lilies. So - no potatoes.

Did three big loads of laundry - including bedding. Tomorrow 'le deluge' - Michael's son Vic, my brother Doug and two of his kids and two of their friends will arrive. So we've been getting ready. Not sure anything ever is 'ready' for the onslaught. But it sure is fun...trying to figure out where to sleep everyone. Fortunately the sofa on the screen porch coverts to a bed and Roslyn loves sleeping out there...we pile her under a bunch of duvets and leave the doors to the house open in case it rains or gets cold or she get scared. But every morning she's still out there, sound asleep.

We always manage to find beds for everyone.

Busier day than expected...had to try to decipher the tax exemption forms from the tax people in France. I could feel my life-force being drained from me as I read it. But after a few hours, and a few phone calls to our tax people in Ottawa, and our accountant, I think I've figured out what they want. Either way, I'm mailing it!

The laundry is fun - two loads have been hung on the clothes line...our sheets. Love pinning up the laundry, and taking it down, with the fresh scent and sheets warmed by the sun.

Then I cut a few bunches of lilac and put them in vases around the home.

Black flies have arrived! Thank god for the screen porch.

Next week I'll start the second draft (first edit) of the next book. I'm sure enjoying these two weeks away from the book...but I'm also looking forward to getting back. I say that now, but I can guarantee on Sunday I won't be feeling quite so enthusiastic.

Breakfast tomorrow with Joan. It has been so wonderful to catch up with friends these past two weeks.

Speak to you tomorrow.


Aimee said...

I'm jealous of your line dried sheets and lilacs. That sounds like heaven to me. I remember the smell and feel of line dried sheets from childhood.

Donna K said...

Yay, maybe with the audio books we can find the 'howler' ..oops.
Are narrators allowed to deviate at all from the written word?

Stupid question, but here it is. Why is it just one person narrating, and not different voices for the different people? Would it sound too busy?Too expensive?

Anyway, maybe at last I can enjoy them while walking. I've been so disappointed in the past. Especially when the narration is soft and sing-song, even when talking about a gruesome fact.. almost lulls me to sleep..maybe I'm too used to television and this is some kind of literary tradition. I am imaginative so I don't feel I need
the realism so perfectly, but...

Anyway, welcome aboard Mr. Ralph!
Louise and 3 Pines is where it's happening!
Donna K

Diane said...

You're two weeks ahead of us here in Nova Scotia. Our lilacs are just beginning to bud but wonderful sunny day here and winter blankets are on the line.

You certainly deserve the short rest you are having before the editing starts.

Hope you and Michael enjoy your time with the family. We have guests as well over the long weekend but no over nighters.

Dana said...

Donna K, I have listened to books with two narrators, but prefer a single voice. It allows my imagination to take over. What I do not like is the soft Southern accent some male narrators use when they are speaking for a woman.
I use audio books when I am driving from NS to Quebec alone, or while painting (walls).

Jeff B said...

Envy your sun-dried sheets and lilacs! Always amazed when I see cities (especially) banning hanging out wash as it is 'unsightly'?? Billboards are unsightly, trash is unsightly! Fresh laundry on the line is not only a wonderful thing to do, it is 'green'.

Each of your blog entries makes me more anxiuos for the next book to arrive!

Marjorie said...

Hi, everyone. Donna, the only time I have listened to a two voiced audio book was the Collected Letters of Lewis and Clark. Tom Wopat and Peter Friedman did the voice of each man, so it was nice to have a different voice to go with each of the explorers. One of the funnest (is that a word?) audiobooks is Derek Jacobi reading Josephine Tey's "The Daughter of Time" because you can tell he is having a grand time with doing the men, the woman and all of the many accents.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

So interesting to read your discussion of audio book narrations - and different tastes. I know there are some books done by casts of readers - indeed the annual Audio Awards (the equivalent of the Emmys) recognizes multiple actor recordings. I'm just glad it's Ralph alone since he does a splendid job.

And yes - going to bed last night and snuggling into fresh sheets is bliss.