Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Go Habs Go!!

brilliant blue sky, mild, temps 11

I'm no longer sure what's seasonable...but this feels good. We're in Montreal. Had a great breakfast with Tim in Cowansville, then headed in, getting to the car dealership in time - they drove us downtown and I arrived at Victoria Hall in Westmount with time enough to wander the wonderful Westmount library, right next door. Then into the Rotary lunch.

They're an impressive lot. Believe strongly in giving back to the community.

After lunch it was my turn to speak - I did, for about 20 minutes, then we opened it up for questions. And then it was time to go. Love clubs that are at 12:15 out by 2pm. Walked home - about 20 minutes...and decided to see about getting my hair cut.

I hate having my hair done. I find it boring beyond description - and I realize why. I feel I have to talk to the hairdresser - who is going on and on about something - even as the blow dryer is howling in my ear. So I have to look alert and interested - neither of which I am. I love massages - which take about the same amount of time - because everyone is quiet.

Anti-social me.

then picked up some groceries and headed home. Michael was off for lunch with his good friend David - and then he was picking up a Nespresso maker. We have one in the country and adore it. Our only problem was that there was a lot of garbage, from the little individual capsules. But now the Nespresso store in Mtl is recycling. So we save them up and take them in. And we love the treat of the coffee so much we decided to get one in Montreal.

Poor Michael had to lug it home.

but now we're in - and all set to watch the Canadiens vs the Penguins in the final game of the series. They're tied at 3 games each. This is 'sudden death'. the city's going crazy, with Habs flags everywhere. I could run naked down Ste-Catherine street at 8 tonight and no one would notice.

Very fun atmosphere in Mtl - mostly because no one expected the Habs to get this far - so win or lose, it's great. Tomorrow have one of my rare days with no commitments, appointments, events or writing in Montreal. I wonder what I'll do???

Speak to you tomorrow.


Cece said...

This is just about killing me-we live in PA, love the Pens, and love Sid (cheered for him in the Olympics!)....but the Habs just ARE hockey. Keeping trying to tell myself that it is a win win situation-one of our two favorite teams is going to win....but the other favorite team is going to lose!

Anonymous said...

As to the hairdresser, I found one who just wanted to cut hair and not talk my ear off. We greet each other, have about two minutes of how was the last haircut chat, then she washes, cuts and dries without talking my ear off. I love the woman!

Anonymous said...

I simply cannot imagine the excitement in Montreal.

(Confession time, I love hockey, and Montreal. Don't know why, have for 35 years even though I am an Ohio native with no ties to Quebec.)

My only time in Centre Bell was a loss to NJ. Feeling that electricity, I can only imagine what this success means.


Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Cece, and Anon x2,

You're all so great to cheer for us - or at least be conflicted! Michael and I watched the game through hands splayed to our faces...I think most of Montreal had bruises in the shape of hands over our faces today.

Such fun. Espcially since Pittsburgh was such a talented team! Very, very exciting.