Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A whole lot 'a nuttin' goin' on

overcast, cool, temps 11

though I haven't been out today at all! spent the day in my sweats, and you know what that means! Writing. Editing, actually. got almost 100 pages done - but difficult. Not much new, but tweaking and needing to make sure the edits are actually improvements. And of course when I change one thing, it affects other things later on...everything's connected. It's like tossing a pebble into a pond. Not a big splash - and quickly disappears unnoticed (I hope) but with consequences. A lot of editing is thinking, and staring, and imagining. Where the change might make a single scene better - by the end of the book the effect might be catastrophic.

So - as a result - I'm really tired and will not do a long post. Besides, nothing happened.

there - that was simple.

Dear Diary,

Tuesday, November 10th. London, England.

Nothing Happened.



Bev Stephans said...

Dear Louise,

I disagree with you! Something did happen. You edited more pages in your next book. To all of us waiting for the next book, this is a major undertaking.

Now that you are finished for the day, enjoy doing nothing. Everyone needs time like ttat.


Anne Bursey said...

Dear Louise,

We haven't met yet. I am Scott Carnie's partner in crime "out west" from you.. I have a photo i want to send you that I am sure you will like (or at least I hope you will! that sounds more humble.. he he) we had such a great time at your cottage and are very grateful to have connected with you.. through that amazing guy Gary Matthews! isn't he a doll? I love him to bits.. and Cheryl too! Let me know if I can email the photo to you. Here is how you can reach me: anne_bursey@yahoo.ca. hope to meet you one day in the next year at least! ! read Still Life and am hooked! got side tracked a bit onto some history reading.. planning to borrow your other novels in sequence before picking up your latest which you so generously mailed to us.. Thank you for that lovely gift! See you soon! Anne