Friday, 27 November 2009

Peace and quiet

rain, mild, temps 10

Nice day to sit by the fireplace. Quiet a lot of my manuscript. At this stage I like to print it out, have it bound, and read it as though it's a book. Love this stage!

Gary came by...he's finished putting the new siding up on the guest cottage. Always fun to see him. And my replacement birth certificate came...the detailed one. Quite moving to see my parents full names - I'd forgotten that my father had Arthur as a middle name - and our first address, on Valecrest in Toronto. I remember it, but barely.

Put music on the stereo and listened through the morning and into the afternoon. Did an interview with Athena at Zoom Magazine this morning. She's clearly read all the books and it showed.

How lovely it is to have these quiet that it rained today too. Feels very cozy inside...then taking Trudy for a walk - and coming back inside to sit by the fire. Peaceful.

Danny and Lucy are organizing the Vive Gamache mugs. It is frustrating because to mail them from Canada into the States is quite expensive...almost 20 dollars for 2 mugs. Sadly, not much we can do about that...but if you're thinking of ordering some, be warned! Though, I must say, they are quite wonderful. Michael and I have our cafe au laits in them everyday. I just wish the postage was less steep.

Be well - talk to you tomorrow!


Bev Stephans said...

Dear Louise,

I have already put in my order for 2 mugs. I knew the postage was going to be steep, as I had just placed an order with Historical Royal Palaces in the UK. That was also for 2 Mugs and a very small Christmas Tree Ornament. The postage was 20 Pounds! EEK! Oh well, sometimes, if you really want something, you bite the bullet and order it.

Your day sounds lovely. I envy you your fireplace. They are so cozy.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, our Thanksgiving was very low key yesterday. It gave me more time to reflect how thankful I am for so many things.

Keep your feet dry, your mugs filled and your dog at your side.


whalewatcher said...

Yesterday you commented about things changing one day and you wanted the memories of now. Change is life isn't it? Memories are important. May I offer: Helen Keller "What we have once enjoyed we never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us" Your books have depth and sensitivity and cleverness and I don't see any of us as your readers ever completely forgetting how much we enjoyed Three Pines. Personally I'd love to be like Clara and find it for retirement as the fulfillment of a childhood dream.
Whatever you may one day move on to will be right for the time.
Seem to be feeling philosophical for some reason : )

Anonymous said...

So, Brome Lake Books said you dropped by with mugs. I thought, 'She;s everywhere, she's everywhere!!" ha But will order several, who cares about the postage, after all, Three Pines is my official escape home.

So nice about the rain, the way it shelters the house and almost obliges one to light candles, lounge, and do whatever, whenever.

Not to be negative, but as I worry so much about animals and since we're beginning to get our water frozen somewhat now, I was thinking about Trudy and your pond and back to when Cody our Newfy fell through the ice 2 winters ago in March on our pond. Luckily we happened to look out the window (we're fenced in) My husband who wasted not a second to even put on a coat raced out and with his fists pounded through the ice making way to swim as he went to the middle where he pulled him back .He had chest pains and was in agony and groaning. Cody fell fast asleep. Since then we watch all the time and are trying to come up with some resuce method ideas..a ladder to lay across mayble, not sure. So Trudy, please be careful. And I know you have exceptionally careful parents, the best..but still...

Enjoy your time home. Happy about your book. Donna