Monday, 16 November 2009

Last day in the Big Smoke

Partly cloudy, cool, temps 13

Quite a nice day...and while I say cool it is, I believe, still considerably above normal. Michael spent an hour or more in the garden, doing a watercolour while I finished this edit on book 6 - Bury Your Dead.

I like it. In fact, I really like it. Can hardly wait to see what you think of it.

We headed off for breakfast to the Wolseley - Michael had an omelet and and I had stewed prunes in orange and ginger. Divine! And pots and pots of coffee. Then to Fortnum and Mason for gifts. We decided we really must buy a small flat in London if only to be able to furnish it with some of these great dishes and cutlery etc. Perhaps not the wisest use of our finances. Indeed, as I mentioned earlier, it will almost certainly never happen, but it is fun to dream. Besides, we have a fabulous life waiting for us in Canada - that includes Trudy. We miss her on our travels.

We're heading to an early dinner with Teresa Chris, my agent and her husband Charles...who also happens to be Lord Brudenell-Bruce, the son of a Marquess. And an actor. In fact, he's shooting the latest Harry Potter. Such interesting people we meet in London. Going around the corner to a place called Papillion. Hope it's good.

Robin and Jamie Agnew, who run Aunt Agatha's bookstore in Ann Arbor and are very influential in the mystery and crime writing community have chosen The Brutal Telling one of the years 10 best mystery novels. Wonderful!!! And Marian Misters, at Toronto's Sleuth of Baker street has given it a fabulous review in their latest newsletter.

So, good things keep happening.

Though I was sad to read of the death of Edward Woodward...I used to watch The Equalizer, and had a small crush on him. He was also in one of my favorite films, Breaker Morant. Fabulous.

Fly back to Montreal tomorrow...have an event noon Wednesday, speaking at the Royal Montreal Curling club luncheon. then Thursday I take a train to Quebec City for a talk and signing at a terrific bookstore there...La Maison Anglaise at 7pm. Home Friday and an event Saturday from 3-5 at the pointe Claire Library in Montreal. It's with Michael Blair, another Montreal crime writer and Mary Jane Maffini- who is coming down from Ottawa. It will be a panel discussion and the books will be for sale. signed books make a GREAT christmas gift.

Hope to see you there.

Then, home...home! Saturday night.


Bev Stephans said...

Dear Louise,

When an author says she likes her finished book, it's a sign of a good read. So glad your editing is done. When is Bury Your Dead scheduled for publication?

I know that you are going to miss London, but I'm sure you will be glad to get home. It seems unfair that you fly into Montreal on Tuesday, but don't get to see home until Saturday. I hope you sell lots of books!


Deryn said...

Dear Louise,
It has been such a pleasure reading about your travels in London. Part of me feels like I have been there all over again - though staying in a much swankier place than the B&B by Paddington Station that I could afford in my student days.
I think many of your blog readers feel sad to leave London with you! You've brought the city to life.
Safe travels,

lil Gluckstern said...

I will miss London, and I am curious also about the publication date for "Bury Your Dead." I have to admire your energy in all your scheduled events before you get be at home, but I imagine all these events are truly nourishing, so enjoy!

Sandra D said...

Louise! I'm all caught up on your blog and I can't believe what I've missed! First of all, my condolenses to you and Michael. What a difficult thing to lose a best friend. I read once an anonymous quote that said "Friends are the family that we choose." The visit and the service sounded perfect....

Your stay in London certainly sounded fun otherwise! I loved the part about the Christmas lights. I wish you had a picture to show -- I am a true Christmas freak and every morning I wake up hoping to see snow. I am the only person in Canada right now upset at this temperate climate. I can't wait to put my giant boots on, and see lights everywhere!

Hey, Sylv and I will be in the Eastern Townships next weekend! Are you going to be home? Should we try to schedule a tea or a quick visit? We are going for a one-last-time getaway before we have, as my mother likes to call it, 18 years of worry and sleepless nights.

love to you both,


bgpringle said...

Louise, I, too, have been enjoying your travels in London. If I can't get there myself, you've provided the next best thing. Safe journey home to both Montreal and Sutton.

whalewatcher said...

Thank you for sharing England in such a vivid way!
Your descriptions are just as in your books where I feel like I am in Three Pines and know everyone.
Glad you have finished your editing and are happy with the book. There will be a lot of people looking forward to reading it.
I hope all your events go well and that your return to your home on Saturday will mean a cup of hot cocoa and slippers for a few days.

Tammy said...

Sigh.....just finished The Brutal Telling last night....your VERY BEST so far and I've loved them all. Without giving anything away, I was a little shocked at the outcome and can't wait for the next book to see if you do some more explaining (I don't deal with change well!!)

I just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed this book. You're writing is a joy.

On another subject, I'm looking for a good all around poetry book for my 88 year old friend that I just discovered loves poetry. Do you or anyone else reading the blog have a good suggestion?

Tammy in STL

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Tammy,

I think anthologies are always safe...something like The Best 200th century poetry or some such. A friend gave me a wonderful anthology a few years ago. It was a collection of anti-war poems. Very powerful. Gives an insight into the courage of the people fighting.

My personal favorite is Auden, but that's not for everyone.

She might also like a book of quotes, which often takes the most famous lines from hundreds and hundreds of poems. Whets the appetite.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Sandy,

How fun to have you and Syl...and your unborn baby!!! visiting. I actually don't think this coming weekend will work. We won't be out until late sat. or sunday and need to get settled...but hope you come back and bring little S with you! Thanks for thinking of us!

Louise Penny Author said...

To all the 'fellow travelers',

Such fun to have you along for the are wonderful companions. Very flexible. Hardly ever complained or whined. Always amusing and supportive.

Thank you! You are definitely invited back to London in April. But a few more trips in between. Next up - Phoenix in about 10 days. And dinner there with Peter Robinson and Dana Stabenow.

Next night - Patti and Lesa - who often post comments here.