Sunday, 22 November 2009

Home home

mainly sunny, mild, temps 4

We're home, in Sutton...and wow this really feels great. Like stripping away layers and finally finding ourselves here. Spent much of the day in front of the fireplace, writing 'thank you' letters, opening mail, reading manuscripts. Trying to get through the mountain of stuff that collects. But here it sure does not feel like work.

Spent an hour in the bath. I adore baths, as you know...and that was one of the few things I really miss while traveling...a huge, comfortable bathtub. Most are way too small for me to use.

What bliss. A bath. And before that the fireplace, with Michael, and Trudy, surrounded by books...pond au laits in our Vive Gamache mugs. And everything smells of home.


I'm such a homebody. I actually quite like traveling...but I sure love coming home.

Quiet day tomorrow...more catching up. Want to write the newsletter. Read more books people have sent me. I've been asked to write a Christmas article for the Globe and Mail. Always fun to do that, but a bit of work. Need to start thinking about it.

Oh - we had a fun event at the pointe Claire library yesterday afternoon. Saw Mari there...she follows the blog and is a wonderful supporter of the Gamache books. And others. Michael Blair and Mary Jane Maffini - two wonderful Canadian crime writers - were also on the panel. It was organized by Pat Flewwelling for the Crime Writers of Canada.

Oh, and M ichael had his H1N1 shot yesterday. In Canada they've got enough vaccine now to cover at risk groups and people over 65...they just added that last group as more shots arrive. Didn't take long...there's a clinic set up in a nearby mall in Montreal. Took about an hour start to finish. A relief to have him covered.

We have a friend staying in the guest cottage and he's coming over for dinner tomorrow night. I warned him I'm not the best cook, and also that Trudy has, in the past, thrown up on guests. He might want to eat before he comes, and wear something rubber.

He explained his mother used to serve them peanut butter and liver sandwiches, so he figures he can handle whatever I, or Trudy, might throw at him.

We'll see...

Speak to you tomorrow.


Bev Stephans said...

Dear Louise,

All I can say is, "Welcome home!!!!"

I know it must be a relief to be back where you are most comfortable. I imagine Trudy is also ectatic that you're back.

Get lots of rest, so you can go back on the road and sell lots of books.


lil Gluckstern said...

So nice for you to be at home, with your tub, and Trudy, and your favorite haunts. I can only echo Bev-Rest and enjoy before you travel on tour again!

Shelagh said...

Dear Louise,

Glad you are back home. I bet Trudy is over the moon to have Mom and Dad back with her - sure that tail never stops wagging.

Enjoy your short rest period before the book tour starts up again.


whalewatcher said...

Sounds like you had a day that was a great blessing and one well deserved after your travels.
At the risk of making people go 'yuck', but wanting to join in on the mother used to serve liver and grape jelly sandwiches. I thought we were the only people in the world pairing liver w/anything but onions. Might be why I either like to eat out or have others cook to this day ; - )
Have a wonderful week!

Charlotte said...

This might sound like a silly question to you and others. I don't have a clue what Vive Gamache mugs are. Would you please tell me what they are.


Love your books and your blog. Hurry and write more :)

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Thanks for the welcome home. This morning Michael and I just stared out the window at the frost on the grass, and the brilliant sun, and sighed.

I'll have to tell our friend about liver and grape jelly...I'm sure he'll feel better too. I, on the other hand, do not feel better.

And Charlotte - good reason why you'd know, actually. We had a limited quantity of cafe au lait mugs made up last year. On them is printed on one side, Vive Gamache, and on the other we have three pine trees. Lise, my amazing assistant, designed them and arranged to have them made.

We're actually thinking of having the local bookstore, Brome Lake Books sell some - if we decide to have more made. If so, I'll let you know!