Wednesday, 18 November 2009


sunny, cool, temps 4

Montreal - Yay! As wonderful as Britian was...and I could have happily stayed longer in London - it sure feels great to be home. Wonderful travel day too... not always a given. Heathrow was easy...helps to check-in on line. The Air Canada flight was almost empty so we got the emergency exit seats. We'd asked for them from the travel agent who assured us we had them, but they weren't the exit rows...indeed, she'd book us into the middle not only were they not exit row, they were in the worst possible location. But we got really lucky and were able to switch once the plane was taxiing.

What a difference it makes!

And the flight attendents we had were just great! Again, not always the case. Often they're so harried and stressed - and some seem quite embittered - that it just makes an already dismal travel experience as a passenger all the worse. But this trip was great. Louise (one of our attendents) was delightful and kind...her husband is also named Michael...go figure. And Daniel was amazing...when not flying he volunteers for his local SPCA in Quebec and goes on Puppy Mill raids...and helped set up this huge raid in the papers today where 100 huskies were rescued.

Fascinating man. And it was quiet enough we got to talk a little to these two lovely people.

The only distressing part was one of the passengers was clearly quite ill. Throwing up all the time. She - poor one - was two aisles away and fortunately fell asleep for most of the flight. Her husband seemed to abandon her - choosing to move to a whole other cabin section.

But she was well looked after by the attendents. though - selfishly - I did wonder if she had H1N1 or the plague...or by the end of the flight I had us all succumbing to terrible illnesses - and/or put in quarantine. But no one seemed to concerned and she left the plane with the rest of us.

My noon event at the curling club has been cancelled - at least, it goes on but they cancelled me, thinking for some reason that I wasn't coming...crossed signals. Still, it gives me the day off and I'm almost giddy with excitement. Can't remember the last time I had a day writing, editing, social events, speaking I've rented a few movies, bought lots of candy and will get into my sweats, get into my bed and put the Star Trek new release in the machine...ahhhh.

Oh, another bit of good news, The Strand Magazine named THE BRUTAL TELLING one of the years best books! ahhhh.

How lucky am I. Back home. An afternoon off. And great book news. Michael is feeling good too. Sad at times, but mostly trying to concentrate on the good.

Am off to Quebnec City tomorrow for a 7pm event at La Maison Anglaise. Hope to see you there. Except those of you in Australia and New Zealand. And India. And South Africa. But the rest of you I expect to see.


Lesa said...

It's that part of you that writes mysteries, but those of us who are mystery readers would probably have imagined that woman had the plague or flu, too, Louise. We just can't help it! I hear a news story and tell Jim, this is what "probably" really happened.

I'm going to get to meet Michael! I can't wait to meet "Armand Gamache!"

Enjoy your day off!

Lesa -

Jeanine said...

So glad you're safely home and get the day off to relax and play.

As we used to say in the Baptist Church back in Illinois, "I'll be with you tomorrow night in Spirit, if not in Body". Have a wonderful evening.

Bev Stephans said...

Dear Louise,

So glad your flight was good, with the exception of the vomiting woman. Oh well, take the bitter with the sweet.

How nice to have the day off and do nothing but enjoy yourself.



P.S. A very hearty WELCOME BACK!!

lil Gluckstern said...

I'm glad your flight had only a little excitement. What a nice way to spend your first day home, and shake out any jet lag. Welcome home!!!

Shelagh said...

Dear Louise, I am so glad you are safely home. Thank you for letting us tag along with you on your trip to London!
Glad you are able to get some rest today, and recover from jet lag.
Welcome back to this side of the pond!

Brenda B. said...

Welcome home, Louise and Michael.
I hope your first days back in Canada are terrific.



whalewatcher said...

I will look forward to April in Britain ; )
Hope you enjoyed your day off and that the germs on the plane do not catch up w/you.
Would like to join you at La Maison Anglaise....would you mind 18 second graders tagging along? ha!
I do hope one day to attend an event where you speak or a book signing, but for now I will live vicariously through everyone else that gets to be there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise,

After getting so much from your London blogs, I have to chuckle to myself about your flight attendant much like me, friendly and bringing out people's personalities and information.Inow have this image of 'the woman who never sleeps'--the woman being you.
Welcome back.

Donna K. from Wisconsin

Marjorie said...


I'll just jump in here with everyone else to welcome you back to North America. Visting London is an exceltional thing, but coming home is even better.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi everyone,

I feel like one of those fortunate people who gets off the plane to a welcoming committee offering flowers. How marvelous! To get greeted home. Thank you.

Am in Quebec City now...heading home, again. Seems I'm always heading home, but never actually there.

Whatever that unfortunate woman had she didn't spread it to Michael or me. Unless she had a sudden craving for bagels, in which case I caught it. Dreadful disease. Fatal, you know.