Tuesday, 9 December 2008

SoHo Met - yippee

snow/rain mix almost black clouds temp?? not sure

Am in my lovely hotel room at the SoHo Met in Toronto. Having breakfast of hot porridge, fresh fruit and coffee. Coming here is one of my favorite things. The rooms are amazing, the staff aware and happy (some people are good at this job and others shouldn't be close to the public - but at the SoHo Met they choose people who manage to be solicitous without being surly or obsequious). The general manager is wonderful! One of my favorite hoteliers ever. David Kelley. Hope to grab a coffee with him later.

Thank you to Taryn Manias at McArthur and Co (Canadian publishers) for putting me up here for 2 nights - heaven.

Came down yesterday afternoon by Via1 - first class - also thanks to McArthur. I mention first because it isn't all that much more expensive than regular, but what a difference. Much more room - and not a bad hot meal. Met Jill Walker, a friend from CBC, on the train. We worked together in Quebec City...so we had a fun chat then retired to our own chairs. I stared out the window for 5 hours, listening to my iPod and letting my mind wander.

Can't tell you how useful that is...not only deeply, deeply relaxing, but creative. Had a whole bunch of ideas for THE BRUTAL TELLING and book 6. The only question seems to be whether I can read my notes. Writing on the train isn't actually all that easy. So, if THE BRUTAL TELLING is garbled to you, I'd blame the Canadian railway system. (I do for most things anyway)

Am spending much of today addressing the editors notes on THE BRUTAL TELLING then being picked up by Ann and Taryn from McArthur to head to a 7:30 event at Casa Loma. Loads of terrific Canadian mystery writers there...

John McFetridge - wonderful writer of the Toronto series of noirs
Sean Chercover - whose latest Trigger City is getting rave reviews everywhere
Mary Jane Maffini - one of my personal favorite authors
Linwood Barclay - who is a huge bestseller
Giles Blunt - No Such Creature
And me.

Everyone on the list is an Arthur Ellis winner or nominee - and this is an unbelieveable opportunity to get a signed book as a Christmas gift - from any or all of us.

Speaking of signed books - don't forget to go to the home page of my website http://www.louisepenny.com/ and sign up for the signed copies of A FATAL GRACE. It's a Christmas giveaway. Good luck.

And, we did the draw for the Three Pines Christmas ornament - thank you to everyone who entered. The correct answer to the question was 'Ogilvy's'. And since I'm in Toronto and forgot to bring the winners names I can't tell you who won - except that we've notified them so if you haven't heard... But thank you for entering. It was a fun contest...and a fabulous prize.

Quebec election held last night. Mike did an amazing job hosting the election special. Provincial Liberals won a majority...and the official opposition is the separatist Parti Quebecois. They always do this dance...take turns leading. Though this is the third mandate in a row for the Liberals.

Must go. Porrdige getting cold - not many foods worse than congeled porridge.

I'll try to blog tomorrow, but I have an early train and depending on weather will try to drive back to Sutton. Speaking of weather (as all Canadians do) it was minus 22 yesterday morning when we wiped the snow off the car to head in. And the windchill made it feel 10 degrees colder. And yet - it was also terribly beautiful. A brilliant blue, crisp morning. Dangerous driving though. Black ice.

But way milder today Michael says. Rain expected. Would much rather have snow and minus 20!

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