Sunday, 7 December 2008

Quiet Sunday

flurries, chilly, temps minus 3

Had a marvellous dinner with Mike and Dom last night. Fire on in the guest cottage - cold night - we walked in and were wrapped in warmth and the most luscious aroma. Slow cooked lamb provencale. Dom's from France and really, really know how to cook. So we sat and chatted over drinks - wine for them, water for Michael and me - then moved into the dining room and just had a great time. Mike and I go back before I met my Michael...we worked together in Quebec City...and Dom is an amazingly talented marketing person. He was just in London co-ordinating the launch of 2 new high end fragrances. So fun to hear about their lives, and to talk about our candidly with people we know and trust. It was fun, calm, relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

Then home to the puppies, last out for the night - and fell asleep in Michael's arms.

Have a fairly quiet day. Pat and Tony came before breakfast to pick up things we're giving to the Reilly House - a senior's centre in Mansonville...Pat volunteers there. After finishing the blog I have some emails to return, an interview to do, the ornament draw to make (for the two spectacular Christmas balls Lise made, inspired by the Three Pines books) - and two book endorsements to for a Canadian publisher (terrific book actually set in Norfolk) and one for an American publisher for a mystery also set in the UK (the writers are both British) - it's a manor house mystery set in 1805 - with a wonderful Miss Marple-esque aunt/detective.

Couple hours work should do it. Then off to Toronto tomorrow for an event at Casa Loma at 7:30 Tuesday night. Weather's supposed to be horrible! Mix of rain and snow. Wouldn't you know it?

Received my notice in the mail about the start of my mammograms. Every Canadian woman starts screening (if she wants) at the age of 50...having a mammogram every 2 years. Have a close friend - Sharon - whose cancer was found that way - early too, thank God. I'll do that after Christmas.

I'll try to blog tomorrow morning before heading in to Montreal - then hopping the train to Toronto. We have a provincial election tomorrow...looking like the Liberals will win with the Parti Quebecois (the separatist party) coming in big surprise there.

Take care - talk tomorrow I hope.


Anonymous said...

Bravo Louise!
Good on you for getting your biannual mammograms. I agree that all women ought to consider getting them. I had to start years ago as my mom lost her battle with breast cancer back in the 60's. I always have them near my birthday so they are easy to remember. Can't think of a better birthday gift to one's self! Just wish someone would write an etiquette book on what to talk about as you dance with the machine!
Good Luck with yours!

Louise Penny Author said...

Merci, ma belle. But sorry to hear about your mother - you must have been very young. Even if not it's still a blow. And the 60's (and before) was not a supportive time for women with breast cancer. As I remember, it was something people whispered about but never discussed - and never championed.

Will try to think of repartee for my date with the machine. Thanks for the warning.

Perhaps we should all vow to get them, and colonoscopies.