Monday, 10 November 2008

How lucky we are

snow, cool, temps about freezing

Woke up to snow. Not a lot, and by afternoon it had mostly melted but love lying in bed and looking at it drifting down. Hard to get out of bed those mornings. Dogs LOVE the snow, and so far it isn't deep enough to hamper them.

Had today to ourselves...I spent it in sweats by the fire, editing. Really enjoying THE BRUTAL TELLING. Am at page 221 - not quite halfway through (it's double spaced so not nearly as long as it sounds.)

had wonderful news...great review in Publishers Weekly of A RULE AGAINST MURDER (which is the title of book 4 in the states.) Here's an excerpt...

Murder interrupts Chief Insp. Armand Gamache and his wife’s annual summer holiday at Quebec’s isolated, lake-front Manoir Bellechasse in Agatha-winner Penny’s intriguing, well-crafted fourth mystery (after 2008’s The Cruelest Month)....Seamless, often lyrical prose artfully reveals the characters’ flaws, dreams and blessings.

And, speaking of THE CRUELEST MONTH, Robin Agnew at Aunt Agatha's bookstore in Ann Arbor - a real force within the publishing community - has put THE CRUELEST MONTH in her list of Top 10 books for 2008!!! Yippee.
You can go to her site to read the complete list. I'm in amazing company, including William Kent Kruger, marcus Sakey, Cronelia Read, Chris Grabenstein and others. It's a wonderful guide to what to read, if you've run out of ideas.

Michael and I are off to Montreal tomorrow. I'd like to remind those of you in Montreal that I'll be giving a talk at the Westmount Library Wednesday evening at 7, then am off to Toronto, and doing a signing at Ben McNally books on Thursday at 7pm.

Tomorrow is a special day. Remembrance Day here in Canada. also known as Armistace Day and Veterans Day.

I've asked Lee Ann Doerflinger to guest blog. She lost her son, Thomas, in Iraq. He died on November 11th. I'll be keeping her blog up for a couple of days...beginning tomorrow. So we can all count our blessings - for people like Thomas and their sacrifice. And that it hasn't happened to us. Though I do realize Lee Ann is far from alone. Perhaps you too have lost someone. If so, please know, our hearts break for you.