Thursday, 16 October 2008

Yes, we have no bananas

rainy, cool, temps 10

Classic autumn day...perfect for sweaters and tea and hot baths. Can't write long - the dogs need to be fed and since this is the highlight of their day I don't want to make them wait too long.

This was going to be the last quiet day before the storm that is a book launch and the swirl of promotion. But somehow, it got away from me. Michael and I had breakfast with Cotton in Knowlton, then met with Danny at the bookstore to discuss the events of the next two days.

The dropped Michael at home and headed in to Sutton. Picked up a printer at the loft and arranged for the last three things to be taken away...then to the post office to mail, among other things, the manuscript for book 5 to my agent in London. THE BRUTAL TELLING is now out of my hands.

Then to the grocery store for tonight's dinner of roast chicken.

Got home, walked the dogs, had a bath, then needed to start dinner...we cook it in a claypot. As I chopped the veg Michael came in and shyly asked about the chicken, and whether I'd seen it. I couldn't figure out what he meant. Then he told me. He'd unloaded the groceries and while I had a whole lot of things I hadn't intended to buy - what I didn't have was a chicken.

Back to the village and the grocery store.

In the meantime, I'd stripped the bed and done a couple loads of laundry. So have spent the past hour preparing the claypot, folding laundry and making the bed. And now it's the dog's dinner.

You know, one trick I've learned, and when I remember my life is calm and fun and peaceful and often joyous.

One day at a time. What wisdom. I can get stressed out if I think of all the things I need to do in the next 2 months. All the travel, the readings, the speeches, the signings.

But if I just take it one day, one event, at a time life is simple and lovely.

I just wish I could remember that...I also wish I'd remembered the chicken.

The big launch is tomorrow night at Brome Lake Books in Knowlton at 5pm - then High Tea at Hovey Manor Saturday at 2pm. It's sold out, which is great. 80 people booked early.

I'll let you know how it all goes. Such fun to have you along for the ride...most of you've been with me this whole year as I've written THE BRUTAL TELLING, and gone on tour, and lived out lives.

Now's the payoff. Hold on.


Kay said...

Good luck! Muster up your strength and sally forth! I'm looking forward to starting my copy soon. I know I will love it!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Kay,

Love the 'sally forth'! I believe I might just do a bit of sally-ing. Thank you, Kay.

Elizabeth said...

Bought "The Murder Stone" this afternoon and have read just a little. Didn't want to be interrupted, so I'm saving it up for longer chunks of available time. We were booked for Hovey Manor until last week when I realized that Isabel was set to write the PSAT this coming Saturday. Since she has American citizenship (as well as Canadian), she is eligible for the National Merit Scholar competition. Through experience I have learned that my kids do best at these things if I'm home and they are following their usual routine. Isabel tends to do very well at these sorts of things and there is a lot at stake. This is getting to be a long apology for not showing up. At least Brome Lake Books knows and hopefully another couple has our spot. Best of luck. I'm wondering if you are going to be a guest on Shelagh Roger's new show, "The Next Chapter". Yes, I hope?

Anonymous said...

Well, my friend will be at tea tomorrow and I am SO jealous! I will be with you all in spirit! I am back here stateside after a splendid and most magnificent weekend at North Hatley. What a pity that the Hovey Manor event was not LAST weekend but then we would not have been able to enjoy splendid feasts with all of the cousins! - Jackie

Good Luck tomorrow! I shall watch for your posting!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Elizabeth,

I suspect your priorities might be a little screwy - putting a child first. Really? But you're so kind to let Brome Lake Books know and I hope you enjoy The Murder Stone. Will be thinking of you and hope we meet one day, Elizabeth. And good luck to Isabel! I'm sure she's brilliant.

Louise Penny Author said...

DEar Jackie,

Aren't you lucky - what a stunning weekend to be here...I'm sure you had a fabuloius time! And we'll meet one day.