Wednesday, 22 October 2008

First snow

rain, sleet, yuck. temps 3

Michael called this morning to say Good Morning, and to report that there was a layer of snow at home. He took the puppies around the pond, tossing the tennis ball, which quickly disappeared. But he found a bright orange one, and they all had fun with that. Our Golden's adore the snow. His plan is to stay home, light a fire, and read.

I'm worried that he'd beginning to deeply appreciate the peace and quiet when I'm gone. Well, God knows, he deserves it!

While he was relaxing by the fire, watching the snow, stroking the dogs, I was at the dentist. Cleaning. I hate it. Not because it hurts, but because I'm always afraid they'll say, 'Tsk, tsk. They'll all have to come out.'

They've never said that - except in my head. And once again I appreciate that nothing I've ever feared has actually happened. Except in my head.

Had huge fun last night at the library in Pierrefonds. Terrific audience, which included some aspiring writers, and that's always fun. The librarian, Julie, is young and energetic and funny. A real pleasure.

Have an event tonight at the library in Pointe Claire...7pm...along with a number of other Montreal crime writers including NAT Grant, Robert Landoori and Michael Blair. Looking forward to that, if not to the drive. As I walked back from the dentist it started to sleet - mix of rain and snow. Fortunately not freezing rain. And I'm sure it will clear up by tonight.

Must go. Have to beg the superintendent of the building to allow me to leave the car in the outside lot for 10 days.

Am off to Muncie early tomorrow morning, but will try to blog when I arrive tomorrow afternoon. Am there for Magna Cum Murder.

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