Saturday, 5 January 2008

Croissants and pastry and cheese, oh my.

Sunny, mild, flurries for this afternoon, beautiful day, highs minus 2

Before I say anything else I want to thank all of you who wrote concerning my last blog. Such kindness and support. So unexpected - and welcome. As I said to some of you, I was unsure of the wisdom of opening up that much, but in a kind of plunge decided to do it. And I'm genuinely grateful to you for making me feel good about it.

Thank you.

Well, it's Saturday around noon. Mike and Dom arrived yesterday and are staying at the guest cottage - which is great anyway but especially great given that Gary (who we're convinced now lives in the basement and sometimes makes rude sawing noises down there) is still working on our renovations. He made our cedar closet yesterday, and as he left he said it reminded him of cleaning out the pee-soaked shavings from his hampster cage as a kid.

Men. Always know the right thing to say.

Though he also called first thing this morning to say he was reading the Saturday Montreal Gazette and there was The Cruellest Month on the bestsellers list again! Gary redeemed himself - and then some. Yippeee!

Dom and Mike are walking over for lunch (a quiche made by Dom - thankfully, for all of us) then Michael and I are taking then around the area. To Kirk's antiques store in Knowlton, and the fabulous La Rumeur Affamee, the bakery right on main street that has long wooden counters, and glass display cases and barrels of fresh baked croissants. The walls are stacked with all sorts of baguette. And across the aisle are cheeses, many made locally, some by the Benedictine monks at the nearby abbey, and some imported from France. It's a dietary disaster. Perfect for Mike and Dom.

Then we'll take them up to Mont Sutton, so they can see where it is for next time, when they bring their skis.

Must be off - they'll arrive in a moment. Hope you're enjoying these young days of the new year.

And, thank you again. For everything.

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