Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Shovelling it

blowing snow, mild, highs -1, dropping to -20 tonight

Sure feels like winter and Christmas. I love it, but then I don't have to cope with it. I remember when I lived and worked in Montreal and had no off-street parking. Trying to cope with a car in the Plateau Mont Royal quartier after a snow storm was a real pain. Now Michael and I just look at each other over our second cup and decide we don't need to go into the village.

Though actually, this morning we're having breakfast in Sutton with Joan Matthews, a great friend. She runs the yoga and meditation centre in Sutton. We don't do yoga and she doesn't read my books and it's all in perfect balance. We know and support each other where it counts. Joan is also our friend and contractor Gary's mother. So it's payback time for all his antics.

Had breakfast in Knowlton yesterday with another friend, Cotton Aimers. Great name. Her 'real' name is Kathleen, but as a child her younger brother couldn't say Kathleen. It came out Cotton. Could have been worse. I have a younger brother, so I know what they're capable of. Cotton gave us a Christmas gift - a donation to the Guardian's chosen project this holiday. The newspaper is asking readers to donate, and instead of spreading the money around they chose one large project for a single community. This year they're providing water for a village in Africa. Great gift. We gave her a bag of home-made granola.

Must be off - Michael's fed Maggie and Trudy and is now digging the car out. Must help. Eventually. Oh, he's back in. Phew.

Speak soon and hope you're well and content.

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