Sunday, 16 December 2007

Driving in winter - sauve qui peut

Snow, stormy at times, high minus 6

Fed the birds again - hungry little so-and-sos. But we've had so much snow it must be nearly impossible for them to get food elsewhere. Heard today that after this snow Montreal will have had 100 centimetres of snow so far in December. Montreal normally gets 200 centimetres for the whole winter. This is amazing. But beautiful.

Mike and Dom decided not to come after all - didn't want to risk driving back to Montreal through the storm. Good decision, I think - but we're sorry.

Went to a fun Christmas party last night. Michael and I are frankly so bushed from our work and travels we're respectfully declining most invitations this season - but last night's party was at David and Lili's place. Lili is the Quebecoise woman who proof-reads my manuscripts and corrects my idiotic French. David is an artist - his medium is glass. Fantastic. Their party is the 'social event of the season' out here...people come for miles. Great mix too.
Almost ran David and one of their guests down in their driveway, as I tried to park the car in the deep snow. Most ungracious of me. Michael I were looking forward to seeing David and Lili (though we knew they'd be busy with a house full of guests) but also to seeing another couple we've become friendly with - Lori and Andrew. We met them this summer - along with Andrew's mother Helen, who lives in Wellington, New Zealand. She and her two friends, who live in Auckland, are the 'tea-ladies' - so named by Lori's mother. Anyway, they're a riot - and were extremely supportive during our book tour of New Zealand in September. Funny how people appear in our lives when we need them. Hope they feel the same way, rather than thinking, 'Damn needy Canadians - and why's she always on about this Gamache guy and some village called Three Pines?'

Must be off - the sofa is calling. Be well, and we'll talk soon.

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