Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Hester remembers what's important

Rain, windy, high 8 degrees celcius, power out in the middle of the night, but back on now

When you live in the middle of nowhere and the power goes out it can be very romantic. Or not. Depends, really, on your idea of romance. No power means no water. No water means - well, you figure it out. Happily it's back on now.

It's a dreadful day - grey with rain slashing sideways. Even the dogs didn't want to stay out. It's the sort of day when the cold gets into the bones and nests there. The sort of day to go to Cowansville for a pancake breakfast!

We're off to Cowansville, to an old railway station that's now a restaurant called - The Station. Or Le Station. Works both in French and English. And then a bunch of chores. Brainless, but harmless too. I love breakfasts out, so this a treat.

Spoke to the Canadian Club of the Yamaska Valley at lunch yesterday. Wonderful group - a sea of smiling faces and poppies. Very moving to be in a room of people who, for the most part, don't need a poppy to remember. My poppy had fallen off (second on this season) and I explained when I started my speech that I actually had had one when I'd left home - but it had been repulsed from my body. I think they're designed to do that. Either fly off the clothes or simply dissolve. At the end of my talk an elderly man came up and offered me his worn poppy, with a tiny Canadian flag in the centre. I kissed him and thanked him, for more than the poppy, and accepted it. With gratitude.

I'd been warned before the speech not to take it personally if many in the audience fell asleep. Now, this is a new one on me. Generally if there's a danger people will fall asleep they just stay home. But this crowd is made of sterner stuff and ventures out even if the speaker might prove lethal.

I'm happy to report that as far as I know only one person fell asleep (and it wasn't Michael). There were two women in the very front row. One spent my talk nodding off and the other spent my talk jabbing her. My entire speech was punctuated by, 'Hester!' Snort. 'Hester!' Snort.

I found it very entertaining.

Have fun - we'll talk tomorrow.

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