Friday, 2 November 2007

First Post!

This is an exciting day in my life, which might illustrate what the rest of my life is like. I'm writing my first blog. Right now. Here. And you're reading it. I wonder if you're as thrilled as I am? That's a rhetorical question and I'd rather not know the answer.

I've been thinking about the emails I've been getting, and the kindness of people to take the time to find the website and write, never mind reading the books. My website tends to be somewhat static since I don't really have the time to change it, and not that much of huge import happens to warrent getting the wonderful Linda Lyall in Scotland to do even more work. But then someone suggested a weblog. (Up until a couple of years ago I'd never heard of a blog) Such a great tool. But it intimidated me a bit. Just figuring out how to do it, technically. But also I wasn't sure I wanted to committ to the work involved. Frankly, I'm still not sure. But I started reading other people's blogs and was charmed by them. Their simplicity, for the most part. Their willingness to gently swing open the door on their lives and allow us a glimpse inside - both physically and emotionally. Not the full-frontal exhibitionism of some reality shows, but a kind of internet slow-cooking.

I liked that.

What I'm going to try to do is write on the blog every day - probably in the afternoon after writing the books in the morning. Some entries will be just hugely mundane and prescribed to insomniacs, while I'm sure most of the entries will be thrilling beyond belief. Kidding. But together we'll work it out and see where this goes. If you're willing, so am I.

There'll also be a 'comments' section which I promise to read but can't promise to respond to each one, though I'll try. And, as you might have noticed, I've also launched a Newsletter, which you can sign up to on the homepage of the website. The plan is to send one out, free, each month. That will go into more depth about things. But we might all find it's over-kill.

All of this, my writing, my life, everything, is progress, not perfection. I just keep bumbling along, and remebering each morning how lucky I am.

Thanks for reading this far. Be well and I'll see you tomorrow.


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